• ?FIFA 20 Goalkeepers

    To many times will my keeper make a good save for it just to bounce straight back to the opposition, I’m sure everyone has lost countless matches due to this issue and it needs to be fixed! Of course sometimes it’s acceptable but other times it almost like the ball is like a magnet to the opposition and will go whenever they are.

  • ?FIFA 20 Defending Mechanics

    The most frustrating part of defending is of course when you cleanly win a tackle and the ball some how plays a through ball or bounces straight back to the opposition, it can cost people a whole game due to one stupid mechanic, they need to sort it out!

  • ?FIFA 20 Pace of the Game

    One main problem I find is that the game sometimes changes the pace after a goal, which really ruins the way you are playing. You could be dominating the first 20 minutes and then score a goal, straight from kick off your players will feel slow and the passes won’t be like they were before the goal. If this was fixed it would make the game better…[Read more]

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