• Nicola Accattoli posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 1 month ago


    I love reworks. Updating is a very healthy thing for anything imo, especially for a game like League. And when you notice that the game has changed A LOT, to where every champ now has a dash or something, and Mordekaisers, Aatroxes, Warwicks, Urgots (etc) feel useless, you can rework them, keeping the feeling of the champ, like Riot did with most of them, while adapting them to a more modern game. Besides, what would be the alternative to reworks? Just plainly remove the old models from the game and replace them with new champs? That would be BAD, since most of the players are used to having such and such champ in the game. Love the reworks, recent reworks have been amazing (Pantheon included!), and they all have improved the League experience overall. Amazing work.