• NoTeeth posted a comment on ?LetsMakeLoLRankedBetter 1 week, 6 days ago


    The punishment system for bad behaviour should be more strict. Lately it feels like it doesn’t serve its function quite well as it leaves a lot of space for people to feed/int/troll/flame before they only get punished with a 5-30 min queue. The scaling upon reincidence should be faster and immediate. If the person is having bad behaviour, and riot detects it and or is reported for such, then every reincidence should get a higher punishment. From the just addressed queues, to week bans, month bans, and total account delete. These will make people reconsider if they should keep playing the game, if it’s worth for them to be so mad all the time and such. Also people without those problems would have games that go without much trouble, and that are overall more calm and less irritating. Either ways not being toxic is like a punishment.

    I also think riot should push players towards dominating the basics of each role instead of giving them mains to spam. But I haven’t got any ideas of how this could be done.