• ?QuestionToAskLoLDeveloper

    I mean voidbringrer Illaoi is a thing and she has nothing to do with the void so.
    That skin would be good but for xerath I would like to see either arclight even thought it would be kinda similar to the sand one, and also battle boss (arcade) like brand and ziggs, his abilities would look sick with pixel effects.

  • ?QuestionToAskLoLDeveloper

    I have heard how riot decides on who to make the skins to and stuff, but when thinking of a certain theme like project for example, do they just think it would be cool and make it or do they think on if it will fit the game or the lore?
    Also, how much money do they spend creating skins? If so, do they have a certain limit on how much to spend?

  • ?YourLeagueHotTake

    I was being sarcastic…

  • ?YourLeagueHotTake

    That’s the thing tho, it makes climbing easier which shouldn’t. I get it, sometimes it’s frustrating having team mates that feed and stuff but still, in my opinion I think that people who only duo queue don’t deserve their rank as they didn’t get it solo.
    I’m an ADC main as well and I got up to plat by playing solo with autofilled supps. So you…[Read more]

  • ?YourLeagueHotTake

    I do think that solo/duo should only be solo because people would have the rank they deserve that way, besides removing a majority of the boosting strats and boosting in general.
    Another thing that I think riot could do is give the players the option of enabling/disabling autofilled, this way players would not have reason to moan about getting…[Read more]

  • ?What champion in League can you not beat

    Cannon minion…
    He’s just too overpowered, I’m never able to kill him. He’s my kryptonite 😐.

  • ?Biggest thing holding you back in LoL

    I believe the thing that’s holding me back right now is the stress of being close to diamond. I’m plat 2 right now, literally deranked from p1 yesterday, and the reason for this is my impatience and wanting to get to diamond which are making me do some messy plays. I normally play really aggressive and with this am even, more eventhough I shouldn’t .

  • ?CrazyIdeaToImproveLoL

    I think having an option to disable and enable auto fill would be good.
    People then wouldn’t moan about getting auto filled when disabled or that they have long queues when enabled.

  • ?Season9RankedGoals

    I finished play 4 last this season, so I am aiming for diamond or higher if possible.
    This is my main goal but I have also got others, like reaching gold at least in everylane since each lane’s going to have its own elo.
    Another thing I want to improve is my pathway when playing jungle for when I get auto filled.

    And not miss as many cannons xD.…[Read more]

  • ?IronToDiamond

    I think a lesson on how to have an ideal jungle path would be a good idea.
    I like playing jungle but only in normals and flex as my patching is horrible, and having at least a slight idea of how to do it would be a good thing.
    Only if you don’t mind obviously Huzz :)

  • ?SellMeALeagueChampion

    What do you all a Jhin that feeds? A dejhinerate.

    Why did Jhin give up on flex? They disabled parties of 4.

    Why did Jhin allow ziggs to go bot? Ziggs offered him a C4.

    Let’s be honest. Those jokes were jhinuine.
    (If you didn’t get it, I’m lojhing you to play Jhin “The Virtuoso” :D)

  • ?FavouriteLoLMETA

    I am mostly an ADC main, having this in mind my favourite meta so far was the ADC meta in season 7 if I’m not mistaken, it made adc’s able to 1 v 1 bruisers and assassins if played well but still being the squishy adc and I really liked it. I’m not on about the ardent meta as that one is 1 of the 2 I hated the most, *cough* tanks *cough*, just…[Read more]

  • ?HuzzyGamesResearch

    Hi Huzz!
    My favourite series have been “Climb to Master” and “Unranked to Diamond” not only because of your commentaries and how much I have learnt, but also your wish to climb which is admirable.
    Lately I have also been enjoying you leveling up your smurf account because of the variety of champions and the fun you bring both to us viewers and…[Read more]

  • ?What should I play while levelling up?

    Dark harvest Ekko jungle :)

  • ?What rating did you end Season 8

    Heya Huzz. The highest I got up to this season was plat 2 promos to plat 1 but these past days have been a disaster since I was stressed out about getting to diamond. I finished at plat 4 but still I think I did alright since I was silver last season and was only expecting to get up to gold. This was only possible because of what I learned from…[Read more]

  • ?Questions for Riot Developers

    Would you willingly delete a champion if not fair to play against or would you just rework/nerf it?

  • Räffa posted a comment on ?LoLRating 9 months, 1 week ago


    I’m platinum 3 right now and I think a reason of that is because I’m quite greedy and aggressive.

    My decision making I would say it’s quite good but I don’t act towards it,for example, let’s say we are down in bot lane and killed both the laners (adc main btw) we get the tower or drake and go back but instead of going back i decide to stay, kill…[Read more]

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