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    ?What is your Season 10 Ranked Goal

    Here is how I did it. I play mechanically hard champion for a while until I felt I learned a little bit about them. Then jumped into custom games and tried to master hard things to do when you don’t play the champion (like riven combos, kick flash, etc.) (not just on the champions that I was playing but also others because some mechanics are general to league). Then played the hard champions until I felt I could play them as well as my usual champions (5-10 games depending on the champion). Then jumped back on the simpler champions I played and somehow I could just worry about decision making since mechanics weren’t a problem as big as I was accustomed to.

    Another thing that I learned was to try to predict what the other guys is going to try to do, and have the reaction ready
    If I’m fizz vs tf I know he will try to stun me i just have to have my finger on the e ready to “outplay”
    If I’m tf vs fizz I know he will use his e to dodge the stun so I can try to bait it out or try to hit q after he lands
    I’m in lane vs cait thresh I know they will try to hook me into a trap so I have to be ready to dodge the hook, and if I get hooked I have to flash before the trap is set off.

    this sounds obvious but it’s not as straight forward for some other champions