• ?LoLChampionReworks

    Well reworks are cool in my opinion, like some champs are outdated, kit-wise or model-wise (remember pizza feet champs) so it would be ok to me to re-do some of them, making them more appealing to the players, old or new to the game. In an ideal world, every champ in league will be playable for the playerbase in general and be more appreciated.…[Read more]

  • ?RushtoDiamondS9

    Ornn or Yasuo. I did suggested Ornn on yt but I figured some Yasuo arcade gameplay would be fun.

  • ?Voice Chat in League

    I saw your video about it and I totally agree with you , especially because League is known to have a really toxic community and adding a voice chat won’t help. Personally I prefer the actual system of League Voice , the voice chat with only people in your group. Btw why people want a voice chat when there’s (technically) already a voice chat in the game ?

  • ?LoLRating

    I don’t play a lot in draft or ranked because I just find other modes quicker and more fun , so my estimation is not great. Also with my shitty pc and connection recently I can’t even think of doing ranked games

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