• Oldrick posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 1 week, 3 days ago


    Well reworks are cool in my opinion, like some champs are outdated, kit-wise or model-wise (remember pizza feet champs) so it would be ok to me to re-do some of them, making them more appealing to the players, old or new to the game. In an ideal world, every champ in league will be playable for the playerbase in general and be more appreciated. But that’s near impossible with how the rework process works, and with this many champions, the game is never going to be truly balanced. Even when all is done, all old champs are updated and the reworks are finished, I believe there would still be some work on items/new champions that would tip the balance again, the risk of people quitting the game because of a rework (champ or not) is still here whatever comes next and depending if its done right it isn’t quite a concern to me. It’s possible a rework fails (Hi Akali mains) but with time it can be fixed I believe, it just sucks quite a bit if it happens.

    But lore-wise, the more reworks come in the better it goes, damn the lore is good, and cool also! The league universe is so rich yet it isn’t a big mess, although it’s becoming less clear who’s the main villain in this, with morde’s rework that made him kind of the Ultimate Villain while the Void still exists, like rifts open and nobody cares I guess, and also the Demacia situation with Sylas forming a rebellion… I guess with a universe so big the main villain is the one getting the last laugh while the others were beaten. (Think like the MCU, we had lots of “big” villains that ended up beaten movie through movie as Thanos came last with the Decimation)

    In the end I like how reworks came so far and I hope Volibear and Fiddle will get a good rework!