• ?FIFA 20 Goalkeepers

    Goalkeepers. At the start of the game, everyone would complain that they would parry the ball to the opposition 95% of the time. I’m glad that that is mostly fixed, obviously it still happens sometimes but I’m OK with that because it happens sometimes in real life too, as long as its not every 4/5 shots.

    I personally see a difference between…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 20 State of the Servers

    The state of the servers are shocking. I legit cant play 3/5 of my games because the delay is so bad. The gameplay is the best its been for years and its such a shame that the servers are horrible. I genuinely think that if the servers were consistently good then this will be one of the most successful Fifa’s ever. Even on a bad day the menus are…[Read more]

  • Oliver Buchanan posted a comment on ?FIFA 20 10 months ago

    ?FIFA 20

    This is my third comment but this time is about content. The game got recently released and we have had a handful of things to do. I’m now getting bored of playing the game. At the moment gameplay isn’t even that good. We’ve had 2 things (not including the early access one and the bronze/silver/gold ones) in objectives, we’ve had 3 POTM (which are…[Read more]

  • Oliver Buchanan posted a comment on ?FIFA 20 10 months ago

    ?FIFA 20

    Okay so this is my second post, but I’ve played a lot more Fifa since my last one and I have more issues I’d like to bring up. The player switching is worse than ever in my opinion and it sometimes takes me 4/5 attempts to get to the right player, by which at that time the opponent is through on goal. I enjoy learning the new passing and shooting…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 20

    I’m enjoying the game and how there are more goals. I prefer how you can play differently and play different styles of Fifa. However as everyone else is saying, the switching is annoying at times and can be frustrating to not switch to the right players, rebounds from the keeper are sometimes just stupid as 8/10 times it perfectly goes back to the…[Read more]

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