• Ongitan posted a comment on ?Satire and Political Correctness 2 years, 2 months ago

    ?Satire and Political Correctness

    Looking back over the years at the start of political correctness, the parallels between that and the “me too” movement seem quite clear. In both cases you had an attempt to address a real problem. In the case of political correctness it was being openly an unapologetically offensive to people who were different within our culture.
    But in both cases the reasonable view was almost immediately trampled to death by social(ist) activists who wanted to use it as a weapon against their perceived enemies – the establishment.

    Political correctness should have been at attempt to encourage people to be more polite by not using openly derogative language when dealing with other people and should have been taught to everyone in the public sector as part of their jobs – just an awareness, with no coersion, no lists of naughty words or attempts to rename things because they included such words that in a completely different context *could* be used in such a manner (such as blackboards in schools, etc.), no renaming Christmas to avoid possible offence to non-Christians, etc.

    This is fundamentally the problem. Any such cultural or societal policies should go through the same rigour as the legal “reasonable person” test – in other words, would the average (reasonable) person in the street think that the viewpoint being proposed is reasonable, rather than just being left to the activists to take up the cause and warp it to suite their needs. The very vocal minority do not and have never spoken for society as a whole (or indeed often the minority groups they are supposedly supporting) and yet they seem to have completely disproportionate influence.