• ?Are management theories any good?

    Many people dismiss business school and business books as just theories. Clever ideas that often don’t have practical value. If everything we do starts with an idea however vague then I reckon that is a theory for action. Sure there can be bad ideas and usually the rubber hits the road with implementation. So I think management theories come from…[Read more]

  • ?Brexit and You

    I reckon they will still come providing the policy makers don’t turn higher education into the ways of secondary education and kill the uniqueness of British uni’s with stultifying bureaucracy (cf David Graeber) and thereby destroy the value and differentiation we have. There is the threat of rising Chinese and Indian universities but whether they…[Read more]

  • ?Brexit and You

    I don’t think the complexities and unintended consequences of Brexit were made clear. Like all apparently good ideas it has degenerated into a ton of hard work for politicians bureaucrats and lawyers. Biggest concern for me is the destabilising effect it might have on the integrity of the U.K. seems like a bit of an own goal to me that.

  • ?Gaming and You

    I’ve always liked games from the early days with Manic Miner. I had a Commodore 64 and this flight sim took 40 minutes to load in off a tape 😂 today I play games like Destiny on the Xbox and I play World of Tanks loads. The community on WOT does have some pretty toxic people in it though.

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