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    I will be covering all the reworks that happened when I started playing league up to this point.
    I just wanna mention that I really like all the visual updates RIOT made when fully rework a certain champion. They really do a great job in that department.

    Warwick: One of the best if not the best reworks RIOT has produced. Warwick was a champion that you would pick up if you didn’t have a lot of knowledge or experience about jungling, they kept that core idea and modernized his kit so it was more viable. He remained simple so he didn’t get a big boost in high elo but that was alright because high elo players weren’t the targets for this rework.

    Galio: My favourite rework. I wasn’t really into the old galio but I fell in love with this rework. He kept his anti-mage colossus role in mid lane, he was really strong in all ranks and most importantly in pro play. He had a strong laning phase, amazing roams and teamfighting with his ult, he was tanky and dealt tons of damage while providing utility for his team with his hard CC (also he had damage reduction on his ult but that got removed). Amazing concept but as it turned out it was just too much, he was and still is a nightmare to balance and make viable which led to him not even being a champion by this point. Recently he was a really good support but that got gutted just like mid lane galio.

    Urgot: Kept the essence of the champion and just updated his kit to be more suitable. Not much to say except that they added some more utility are better teamfighting for the champion. He is also a decent duelist but in current top lane meta he is viable but not something I would look to pick up if I started playing top because top is dominated by hyper carry bruisers who are conqueror and/or spear of shojin abusers. I am not a big urgot fan but still it was a great rework.

    Evelynn: Great rework which turned this champion into a late game 1v9 machine. AP junglers have always been a little weaker than AD junglers but RIOT did a good job buffing them. With this evelynn they made her a lot more seductive, I like how they changed her stealth and moved it to her ult and brought a little more utility on her W. Only thing that I don’t like about this rework is how she can charm you even if she misses her Q (it’s not really unbalanced it’s just really really annoying).

    Swain: He kinda got 2 reworks already, first one was decent and this second mini rework made him really good and viable. I didn’t like how his R worked before this mini rework it was really weird. All around a great champion atm after all the changes.

    Irelia: When new irelia hit the rift she was broken to say the least, her 4 stack passive and her W AD and AP damage reduction were so unhealthy and beyond dumb. RIOT did an a amazing job here because currently if you are terrible player- Irelia is terrible but if you are good at her she is awesome. Low elo players can’t and shouldn’t be able to utilize and auto win with champions like her which RIOT did a good job in stopping. I really like how this rework played out and how high elo players can utilize and learn her to perfection and so can the pro players.

    Akali: *see Irelia*, most controversial rework for me. I remember seeing the reveal and that gosh darn W “true stealth” mechanic which as soon I saw I knew it must be removed from the game because it really unfair. On the other hand RIOT did a really good job balancing her recently just like they did to Irelia. High elo and pro players can still play her and do really well.

    Aatrox: At first I was not a fan of this rework but as the time went on I started to like it more and more. I was a big fan of old aatrox and that might be the reason why I wasn’t keen on the rework. As far as I recall this is the only rework that completely changed who the champion is and how the champion worked which isn’t a bad idea as it turned out in this instance. I would like if RIOT could somehow re-release the old aatrox kit with a new champion because I had a lot of fun with it. Reworked aatrox is amazing in high elo and pro play, he isn’t that hard to pick up and play but he does seem to do a little worse in low elo.

    Nunu: This champion is similar to warwick, but he is a little better in high elo. RIOT just modernized the kit, nunu remained an objective oriented jungler with a lot of utility, good ganks and a decent teamfighting ult.

    Kayle: Late game 1v9 machine at release and now she is terrible. She is a nightmare to balance because she was either broken or useless ever since the rework. Currently she is way to easy to punish in the laning phase and even when she hits her late game power spike she isn’t that big of a threat as she was.

    Mordekaiser: I really liked this rework even tho when he was released he was freelo and a pick/ban champion RIOT fixed that quickly. He is still an amazing champ to play and climb. His ult is just amazing in teamfights or even when he gets ganked. They added more utility which is always a win for me, he doesn’t have bugs unlike old mord. Removal of taking drakes didn’t really bother me and I don’t think that mechanic was necessary in his kit. His got a lot of counter play at the moment because he is immobile, spells like morgana shield or olaf R remove his R as well as QSS.

    Pantheon: Updated kit but for me he is just an low elo champion. He is still a early game lane bully who wins his lane and roams with his R to create leads somewhere else on the map and who doesn’t scale well. I might try to play him mid lane because now I feel like he is more of a counter to burst mages than bruisers who are more useful than him. Top laners are also one of if not the most mobile characters in the game while while most mages aren’t really known for that. Also by playing him mid it is much easier to roam and end the game faster as well as to win your own lane.