• Phy posted a comment on ?Season 8 Academy 1 year ago

    ?Season 8 Academy

    The end of season 8 should be about 2 months away so I wanted to try something cool and pay some coaches to help you climb until then and some other stuff with it!
    To enter you need to leave a comment under the tag “coach me” (watch the video from 2:42 if you aren’t sure – https://youtu.be/Er5vBk6WbCI)
    There are 4 other parts to this aside from that though (you can filter by clicking on the left)
    -Offer to help mentor other players
    -Look for duos / teams to play with
    -Give any advice you have learnt
    -Ask any questions you have
    This page should be a great place to help others / find others when pushing for the end of the season!
    Let me know what you think / any questions I’ll try to answer :)