• Phy posted a reply to Watered on ?Season 8 Academy 1 year ago

    ?Season 8 Academy

    Hey! This is how I think about it
    Deaths Dance = when I need lifesteal but someone is trying to kill me every fight (normally vs burst damage). The reason you pick this over BT or anything else is the bleed effect, giving you time to fight back and heal up the bleed.
    Cull = I never buy this, slows down my build too much. But if you’re in a very hard lane and you’ll never be able to kill, cull is fine within the first 10 minutes of the game (Ezreal does it most I think, not looking to fight until 2 items anyway)
    Lord Dominiks = when people have started to build arm or late game in general. Last whisper is good at getting through a champion’s normal base arm too so in a crit build it’s good to get late still even vs non tanks now
    Mortal Reminder = get this instead of LDR if you need to cut healing (even lifesteal)
    Bork = when I need to get through a really big tank that’s got a warmogs or something. That’s the only time I’d buy it over Bloodthirster unless i’m building rageblade (then you apply the % damage more and it’s great)

    Hope that helps :)