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    ?Season 8 Academy

    Hey! First off thanks for doing it :)
    Main things I try to do
    -Ask them what they think they struggle with to give you things to focus on
    -Talk about the WHY, not just telling them what to do. So if they should have ganked bot lane instead of gone to dragon, tell them, but then explain WHY it was a better choice so they can understand it. This is the most important part, you aren’t trying to tell them what is wrong and right, but help them to make those decisions better in game on their own. If they can get why they should do some (i.e. lane was pushed so it was easy) then next time they see a lane is pushed they will think, I can gank that lane.
    -Give them some clear things to work on, so say for the next few days or few games, just try to gank more than farm. Or maybe they gank too much, so tell them to try focus on farming a camp and then ganking afterwards. Or even if it’s try not to die in lane this game. Try to farm better. A clear goal helps a lot I think

    Hopefully that helps :) ultimately just try to help with their issues, point stuff out that they can work on and make sure they understand!