• ?WhatGameShouldRiotMake

    riot should make a bejeweled clone like candy crush and other mobile games have.

  • ?WhatGameShouldRiotMake

    This is a no durr, but Riot should make a game that they think would be successful and fun to play. It should be multiplayer, so many people can play the game together. I personally like fighting games, so having one set in a arena setting would be cool. To satisfy monster and mythos fans, their should be fight-able monsters in the game,…[Read more]

  • ?Season10LoL

    I like the alcoves because if somone is in their, it is to the benefit of control mages i like to play, and with the new dragons are like additional runes, souls being like keystones.

  • ?In-Game Moderators for League

    I think that moderators should be in league, and that they should other players that have played with them to sing off on/give them the thumbs up, since other players will know firsthand what moderators to be are like in game.

  • asdf posted a comment on ?LoLRating 1 year, 10 months ago


    this is my first year playing the game, I have bad teammates, (insert more excuses here), I am bad and trying to get better. also I dont think while I play most times

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