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    Hello. In my opinion, League of Legends should be seen as a Team Sport and, as such, each player has his or her “natural” position. For instance, in Football, you wouldn’t force Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi to play as goalkeepers – and that’s the exact feeling I get when I read or hear about Role Ranked in LoL.

    Sure, some players are naturally versatile and can play different roles. A typical case (using Football as an analogy again) are the Full-Backs that can play as Wingers, or vice-versa, but even then that’s usually because the roles are similar enough that there’s some overlap. The LoL equivalent, IMO, would be a ADC player who can play just as good in Top lane.

    I personally would prefer if Role Ranked went away completely but, if that’s not an option, then at least the idea of opting-out would be very welcome for people like me.

    I don’t know what is the real reason why Riot Games thought this was a good idea, but some people are suggesting that Riot Games just wants to see people play more games. If that’s the case, a far more successful system, IMO, would be to add incentives in the form of missions and rewards. For instance, get 1 Orange Essence for every matchmade game you play, or every week offer a 10 Riot Points to the players who played the most matches. Considering how Riot Games has released over 900 skins (for champions alone, mind you) since LoL was released, these rewards are hardly generous, but I can guarantee people’s desire to play more games would sky rocket. ( EUW, CGCyberKat )