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    ?Roku Earnings Announcement

    Trademate wants to create a report with your reactions to the latest news about Roku’s Earnings. By doing this on Qutee, we’ll be able to share a report with Trademate members summarizing what everyone had to say. Thanks for taking the time to come here to respond, we want to heard your thoughts.

    As a bonus we’re doing a giveaway. The most insightful comment will get a $100 Amazon gift card.

    How it works:
    1. Sign up (use social login and you won’t have to verify email)
    2. Follow Trademate with the button on the right.
    3. Leave you comment with your prediction tag.
    4. Use the gauge at the top to rate how enthusiastic you are about this stock
    5. Answer the polls on the right.

    Be on the lookout for the upcoming report. Thanks for your participation!