• ?JPOG Park – Name Suggestions

    Bestinslot , i’m the one that suggest german for the brachiosaurus . I know i shouldn’t be writing this in here but i don’t where else to put it. I think the next digsite should be morrison formation B because there is a brachiosaurus in there, camarasaurus fits the safari truck and dilophosaurus can live with allosaurus or ceratosaurus . I think…[Read more]

  • ?JPOG Park – Name Suggestions

    Hello from Spain Bestinslot , I want to leave a name suggestion for the brachiosaurus (its my favorite dinosaur) . The name is german because of your joke and because there is a brachiosaurus skeleton in germany. sorry if i have grammar mistakes i am 11 years old.
    this is my first name suggestion and i am excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

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