• Rebeka posted a comment on ?Black Lives Matter 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    ?Black Lives Matter

    Personally, I have not experienced any racism and for months it has been extremely difficult to articulate and make sense of it all. As a white female in the beginning I thought sharing a black square on Instagram would signify solidarity however I was wrong. I needed to take the time to sit down and educate myself, realising that it is the actions beyond that which will make any kind of difference. There have been hundreds of petitions shared across social media, yet we only sign and don’t see authorities take it seriously enough. It’s time to listen and learn. Racial inequality is unjust. Living in the UK I always thought that racial inequality here was not as ‘bad’ as in the US, I was so wrong. Reading different experiences people have had here and statistics just show that I was very naive to realise how far this problem goes. It is the time to educate and take action as we now have the advantage of social media that exposes what is happening and what the press won’t cover.