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    ?Brexit & International Students

    ‘Benefits of international students to UK are ’10 times greater than costs’, shows study’


    This article shows the importance of students who come to study in the UK from overseas. Whether students stay for a long or short term the impact this segment has upon the UK’s economy is far greater than we acknowledge. It is important to address this issue when ‘overseas students make a £31.3m net economic contribution to the UK economy for each of the 650 parliamentary constituencies.’

    With regards to removing international students from the migration figures. In this article a Home Office spokesperson says that there is no plan to remove students from overseas out of the net migration figures. The spokesperson adds that “including them does not act to the detriment of students or the education sector and since 2010 we have seen the number of student visas increase by 24 per cent.”

    Ultimately, what is most worrying about the approach to international students is that the fixed opposition to something of such obvious and a massive gain for the country with no apparent consequence, suggests a complete disregard for economic cultural academic and social benefits, driven by a very narrow doctrinal view.
    Benefits of international students to UK ’10 times greater than cost’ Theresa May is under renewed pressure to omit international students from the immigration figures after new research claims the benefits are “10 times greater than the cost”. The major study concluded that “almost every part” of the British economy benefits from the cash brought in by overseas students – totalling around £20bn each year.