• Charlie Davies posted a reply to MarzBar on ?MarzBar: iPhone 7 Giveaway! #1 3 years, 1 month ago

    ?MarzBar: iPhone 7 Giveaway! #1

    Hi Alex! The reason I would like this iPhone is because I want to give to my mum for her birthday she is really stressed at work and she can’t afford a new iPhone because she cares about me and my brother so I would love to get her this iPhone for her birthday and the smile on her face will mean the world to me! I am subscribed to all 3 of you’re channels and I love all the super cool tech stuff and I can’t wait for the new altemet setup! I follow you on snapchat,Instagram,Twitter and qutee! Also if you are reading this it is a honour thank you so much Alex for you’re inspiration in you’re videos bye!