• Rhys E posted a comment on ?Dead or Alive 2 5 days, 21 hours ago

    ?Dead or Alive 2

    Who doesn’t like abit DOA or DOA2, any slot that can pay over 50000x is always worth a couple of hundred spins now and then! Iv had my biggest X win ever which was on DOA but like I said it’s worth a couple of hundred spins for another reason because the base game has to be one of the most boring on any slot! The entertainment is purely in the bonus! DOA1 is a classic and no doubt DOA2 will be 2! Netent need more high insanely high variance slots! This is where they seem to lack compared to the likes of BTG, pragmatic and even murkur! They seem to just pump out pretty looking slots for say your casual slot player who hasn’t got a clue about RTP or variance! On the whole I think DOA2 is a massive success! Never seen such big X wins! To me that’s what’s fun about playing slots! Out of nowhere you’ve got yourself a family holiday to Mexico 😂😂😂