• Rita4UK posted a comment on ?Minari Trailer 10 months ago

    ?Minari Trailer

    The production of the film is obviously top notch, but I feel like the trailer is a little mashed up editing wise. I do get a good amount of drama almost the whole time, but it felt weird that it ended on humor (although super cute!) I feel like there should be more humorous things throughout to lighten the mood instead of throwing it at the end.…

  • ?The Affect COVID-19 Has Had on Cancer Patients

    Thank u both! i’ll do some more research into it (since doctors can be so intimidating sometimes).

  • ?The Affect COVID-19 Has Had on Cancer Patients

    unfortunately both my mum and I have cancer (both breast) and while i’m a little stronger to take care of myself more while caring for her, i find it to be almost overwhelmingly stressful to have to deal with coronavirus on top of all the other stuff….trying to make it to appointments can get tricky because sometimes they have to reschedule and…

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