• ?Season 8 Academy

    I think having some clear goals makes sense and might help narrow my focus on what I should be doing. I don’t typically think about win conditions, so that is something I will need to look at. Thanks for your advice Phy!

    I also want to say that both you and Foxdrop are amazing. You two put out great content and are both genuinely good people.

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    Using the practice tool is a good idea. I guess it just takes time. I will continue to work at it. Thanks!

  • ?Season 8 Academy

    I’m a S3 jungle main on NA. I have built up my theoretical knowledge of gank analysis, when to invade, pregame analysis etc. My issue is that I cannot seem to reliably transfer this knowledge into the game and actually think about what I am doing while in a game. Does anyone have any tips for how I can do this?

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