• ?What could Google and MarzBar do together?

    It would be interesting to see, if google are willing to sponsor, a promotional video for the Pixel. The possibilities for this are pretty much endless but it would be nice to see something that hasn’t been done before maybe relating to extreme weather or extreme sports.

  • ?Slickwraps

    Personally my favourite skin from Slickwraps is the Matte black in the color (colour) series for the Iphone. I tried to recreate this look DIY style on a tight budget but it didn’t go very well.

    Good luck everyone else in the giveaway!

  • ?Cannabis Drug or Medicine

    There is no doubt that active cannabinoids in cannabis have medicinal possibilities but what i’m saying is by definition cannabis is a drug much like sugar. You may find changing strain might help with the paranoia, stay away from sativa if this is causing you issues.

  • ?MarzBar: iPhone 7 Giveaway! #1

    Hello Alex!

    My name is Robert and i’m from London

    I’ve been following the progression of your YouTube channel since the Minecraft days before your account got terminated for having some ‘misleading tags’. I have to say it’s been extremely interesting and impressive to see the evolution of you and your brand. It’s been hugely motivating to get me…[Read more]

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