• ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    The government should have issued a lock down sooner than it did. Lock down and social distancing will save lives. Doctors and nurses are not being given the right protective gear- it’s flimsy and Does not give the right level of protection. These are the actual heroes keeping the country running and this government cheered when they blocked a…[Read more]

  • ?Streaming Services vs Songwriters

    Hi, my name is Rosalie Deighton @rosalie an artist and songwriter of over thirty years. Help me make the voice of songwriters heard on this issue and empower our community via data democracy. Please share on social with your friends, and let’s collect over 5000 comments and 20,000 poll results on this issue!

    [Read more]

  • ?Brexit have your say

    After listening to huge amount of people on the radio who admitted to voting leave now wish they could revoke. We need a second referendum!

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