• ?Prophet Tehenhauin Lizardmen Unit Name Suggestions – Total War: Warhammer 2

    Nohtur-Saurus Old Blood.

    One of the first spawning of Saurus warriiors since the Rise of Sotek, Nohtur had been blessed by the Serpent God. When the Prophet appeared to him, Nohtur was informed he was chosen to be the Champion of Sotek. After spending centuries training and preparing, he has now returned to slay the enemies of the Serpent god in Sotek’s name.

    He leads armies of Saurus warriors where he serves as a frontline warrior, his strategies as brutal and cunning as the creatures of the jungles. Should the prophet experience a situation where he requires extra aid, Nohtur is there leading his armies in the aid of Sotek’s Prophet, striking his enemies down in the Serpent God’s name.