• ?Biggest thing holding you back in LoL

    My own performance should always be the number one thing holding me back, but, since Riot is trying to make the game team-reliant, it is difficult to say that it’s JUST my own performance holding me back. The flaw, in my opinion, is the small difference in mmr between the two teams. One team has slightly higher mmr, which gives them lower LP if they win, but all in all a higher probablility of winning, while the other team has slighlty lower mmr, get more LP when winning, but has a lower probablility of winning to start with. I’m just talking about the probablility of winning or losing now, of course the team with lower mmr can beat the team with higher mmr, and vise versa, but just based on statistics they are at a disadvantage.

    Since mentality is very much a thing in league, say for example that you start your fist game against a higher mmr team and lose, then in the second game it’s also against a higher mmr team which you also lose, when your third game comes you’re against a low mmr team but by then you have become tilted and performe worse and also lose. Say that, if you would have met this lower mmr team in your first game and beat them, and then faced a higher mmr team in your second game, your moral might be good enough to also beat them. This mmr difference is then also based on luck!

    Luck in league is a thing that is very unhealthy, and being the “unlucky” team with lower mmr, that also loses the game, makes the experience even worse! This is why I think that in some aspects, it is the mmr system that is holding me back!