• sayubuntu posted a comment on ?LetsMakeLoLRankedBetter 2 weeks ago


    I think there is too much emphasis on punishing toxicity as a way of improving the ranked community. The approach of getting human to behave well because they fear a punishment alone is not effective anywhere. The honor system needs to feel more rewarding to get people engaged in behaving well not because they fear consequences, but because they actually want the rewards honors provide.

    I would suggest something like giving a % chance to each honor a player receives to additionally receive a consumable that gives them a fourth option when honoring other players in the future. This consumable should be purchasable and could function a bit like reddit gold, a way of showing someone that you appreciate them as member of the community.

    I feel that the reward system at riot is struggling to strike a balance between getting people to spend their cash on in game items and giving away those items for free. I would both suggest this consumable/4th honor option be something I can purchase using RP, and introduce new items to the game that give temporary rewards. Skin, ward skin, and emote rentals as well as chroma shards (a shard that lets you unlock a chroma for any skin you own) are some ideas. An item I think would fit well into this improving ranked system would be a consumable that guarantees you get your first choice role for 3 games.

    At any rate I refocus on rewarding people for not being toxic, giving players in the community some form of reciprocating agency over how those rewards are distributed, and having those rewards be meaningful would I believe go a long way to getting the community focused on being positive because they are rewarded for doing so rather then simply trying to not be negative out of fear of what is seemingly random or non existent punishment.