• ?The future of the Labour Party

    All far left parties, because there are no centre left remaining, are being abandoned by their working class base. This is happening because all of the executive of these parties have never worked a real day in their lives. They went from shcool to university, then to union work. As they have no reference to real life they make decisions like children.

  • ?Men in society and the media

    Men are not being treated fairly.

  • ?Men in society and the media

    The narrative of ‘Toxic Masculinity” by Dr Martin’s assetions must be feeding the status of a group/s to explain its existance. I think it is clear that it does serve this purpose. A “Woke” man seeking the greatest polyigamy pool would advance this rheteric. Also if I were in the LGBT sphere this would serve to alienate men from women and from the…[Read more]

  • ?Your prediction for the 2020 US Election

    Trump will win because the DNC will scuttle Bernie Sanders. And even extreme supporters of the left can see the holes in the impeachment saga.

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