• ?Drones

    I think drones are amazing. The photography shots you can take on them is just phenominal. Especially your sunset shots. It would be interesting to see a drone fly across a lake really low then take off like you see a bird on a lake

  • ?Car Wrapping

    I personally wouldn’t get a mini wrapped. I love the cars themselves and yours I love to pieces. But then again it would be interesting to see what it would look like wrapped. But what if you snag a bit and rip the wrap

  • ?GoPro

    I think the gopro 5 is amazing. I’ve seen people vlog on them, and the quality is incredible. I would love to do a vlog on a gopro and compre it to my iphone 6. I do DIY videos and i think it would be a lovely change up. Birds eye recording, and i would love to try it with the sunsets where I live. I bet it would be beautiful in the new forest light

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