• ?Extremism and the Far-right

    tbh. I cant even believe youre even using the phrase and also: blowing it up out… Since, the far left is the most dangerous one, considering its installement by the PTB. The “”far” right are people who stop and stare at me for 30 mins, if I went or go in a pub on an estate in manchester in 1990… Maybe they’ll be complicit with an iran war..…

  • ?Extremism and the Far-right

    I feel like the left and right a mere skittles now… like hutus and tutsies… The left.. are favoured for now (at least til they want to kick off with iran maybe) BUT WHO IS BELGUIM IN THIS? Does anyone really ask?

  • ?Extremism and the Far-right

    tbf I was bottled by a white rascist during the gulf war #1 or 2…

  • ?The Housing crisis

    At the risk of sounding like a Marxist…. I reckon the problem is deeply rooted in global systems.. AKA (the dreaded (that the right have difficulty understanding apparently)): systemic.
    However, there is clearly engineered mass immigration, that the left cannot see
    And the right cannot see that its SOMEWHAT causal from the illegal middle east…

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