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    ?The Housing crisis

    At the risk of sounding like a Marxist…. I reckon the problem is deeply rooted in global systems.. AKA (the dreaded (that the right have difficulty understanding apparently)): systemic.
    However, there is clearly engineered mass immigration, that the left cannot see
    And the right cannot see that its SOMEWHAT causal from the illegal middle east sanctions and wars in the last maybe 15 years…
    Both Hegelian opponents CLEARLY cannot see outside their own indoctrination,,, because they ARE INDOCTRINATED to be divi9ded and ruled.
    Never has the polarity been so hot and wide and yet maybe its never been so invisible to its players. and TBH, the exhaustiveness of your list of options of “””solutions””””… makes me wonder if you’ve thought outside similar boxes (I wasn’t intending to appear insulting BTW… but )