• ?WhatDoesLeagueMeanToYou

    I joined league about 9 years ago. In the fall of 2010 when i tried to make new friends in my high school. Its not a new school not a new city, just came back to my hometown after 6 years of moving away just for my high school. This brought me closer to my school friends at that time. I was garbage at it. I remember my first game going 2/14/4 as a…[Read more]

  • ?LoLChampionReworks

    Champion reworks are essentially something that is done for champions that are fading away (not played much) or for the champions that need it badly (broken champions/change in lore/balancing roles). Usually i am happy with champion reworks as long as they bring a new element to the table. An element of change in character of the champion under…[Read more]

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