• Shyam Sastha posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 1 month ago


    Champion reworks are essentially something that is done for champions that are fading away (not played much) or for the champions that need it badly (broken champions/change in lore/balancing roles). Usually i am happy with champion reworks as long as they bring a new element to the table. An element of change in character of the champion under rework. For example, when Kayle got reworked, it made sense. Same for Galio, the essence of the champion felt more closer with the rework. Its slightly on the border of a good rework for champions like pantheon, warwick, ryze, ezreal, Akali irelia, nunu etc. And then there are champions that just got a pointless rework like Aatrox, yorick, morde, etc.. On the overall concept o champion reworks, its essential for the game to have some so it keeps the champion feel true to their lores and the play styles enjoyable by the majority of the player base.