• ?Whats going on with the world?

    Are you dying?

  • Sir Grimory posted a comment on ?terror 9 months ago


    Well the picture from above is 2 men in our military garb and the middle one is in our police uniform. My country has seen It’s fair share of terror attaks and threats. Terror as a consept is a bit broad. But If we’re talking terrorism fueled by Islamic fundementalism. There is not much you can do. investigate what went wrong last time and try to…[Read more]

  • ?The Gaming Industry

    I made this… what do you even call this? A page, let’s call it that for lack of a better term.

    I made this page because after E3 2018. I’m starting to feel companies are moving away from the consumer and more to the invester. As well as making risks that is going to alienate a good portion of you player base ex. Fallout 74 being a multi player…[Read more]

  • ?Gaming and You


    Exploring a world, progress through a story, figuring out mechanics of a section or the whole game. And the people I talk to world wide.


    Made me politically aware, seeing how quickly people will bend to plagiarism shameless coppies and seeing an industrie you help sustain grow to throw you aside as soon as the money starts…[Read more]

  • ?What is your favourite thing in league of legends

    When you group of fun people in a game and winning or loosing is secondary.

  • ?The current meta of League

    I think it’s too soon to tell.

    Riot are puting a lot out there and the delivery is inconsistent.
    Clash crashed and burned. Items have not come out. ADC’s are at a low point.

    I hope they don’t get ahead of them selves. Riot good company with many talented employees. However the last couple of patches kind of screamed problems with the devs and/or…[Read more]

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