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    ?Character Names in Beep LP!


    -im dumb-crouched pose

    Two sai’s


    Young skeeter was a farmer who loved to eat shit one day his hive kicked him out for colleting human underwear ^why you ask well skeeter is just a plain out perv^ skeeter seeked out any type of martial artist which led him towards the hub which he then met the shinobi theives he then saved up enough money after prostitution and selling stone skeeter finally baught his way into the shinobi theives, skeeter got greedy after a theif job and saw that the might beep had a mighty bounty, from the horde
    He set off to the fog lands,sadly ran into wasp and was being arrogant to test out his new strength ,wasp cut skeeter down with one blow and skeeter was taken by the fogmen and eaten to a point of just bone beneath his chest ,a lone random travel passed by and took the decaying hive corpse^skeeter^ and took him to his lab ,after countless days of attaching dead hive parts of skin and meat the lone scientist starter performing test on bringing back the dead ,after countless test he finally created a serum which brought skeeter back to life in a mindless fog man state,after many more test sketter broke out of his testing cage and ate the scientists,then escaped the lab running off in the wild back into the foglands with a never ending hunger ,although sentient to a point skeeter somehow fit in with the fog men although ever now and then one would try to take a piece out of skeeter ,his never ending hunger made him fit in to the fogmen soon becoming a prince to be later captured and recruited into the beep kingdom.
    [Idk i made that up on the blaze]
    -f in chat-