• Skip posted a comment on ?Public Health & the Corona virus 1 year, 11 months ago

    ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    If Boris and his merry men had taken the pandemic seriously in Jan/ Feb
    and locked down the UK Airports. We would not have gone through 10 weeks
    of lockdown and would not have damaged the UK economy.
    If these politicians were in private industry they would be dismissed and be on
    the dole for the rest of their lives, but of course they are protected
    by parliament.
    Question I would like answered.
    1) why didn’t you lock the Airports down in Jan/ Feb.
    2) how many old people in nursing home have passed away through not locking Down care homes , and sending infected people in hospitals back to care homes with out a covid 19 test?
    3) when they issue the test figures is it true that they double count the tests
    By counting the nose swab as one test and the throat swab as another
    Just a few Questions lots more to come.
    Let me have your views