• ?Obama’s ISIS strategy

    Maybe we had to have a terribly inadequate plan in order to realize that we needed a much better one. Here’s for hoping towards that better plan. Eliminating extremist terrorism for the sake of innocents caught in the middle.

  • ?China and US Relationship

    I think that China, given its population size, understandably wants space in the south and east China seas, and even islands for quicker access. I do not think that given their record with Tibet and Hong Kong, they should be unable to turn away Vietnamese fishing ships from Vietnamese areas of the sea, as well as regarding the Philippines and…[Read more]

  • Stephen Scray posted a reply to on ?Scientology 5 years ago


    Quantum entanglement allows for a whole lot of potential in ESP phenomenon. If someone else is “Teaching you their way” of understanding yourself, you know it’s a failure. I firmly believe that the human mind is capable of more than simply logic building. In time, maybe we will learn to apply quantum principles on an energetic level, which will…[Read more]

  • ?Capital Punishment in the US

    I applaud this statement; Truly you have thought out your opinion well, and formulated it equally as well.

  • ?Capital Punishment in the US

    Tsarnaev should be imprisoned for life because it almost makes a martyr out of him to sentence him to death. The death penalty doesn’t have to be more expensive than a lifetime of imprisonment, if taken from the perspective not of capital, but of societal. There is a requirement for outsourcing food, electricity, and guards to prisons. If…[Read more]

  • ?The Tragedy of the Commons

    The point isn’t that competition is bad; The question, and point being raised by Hardin, is that historically competition has caused depletion of the commons, and the common resources. The question posed, is whether or not competition has to deplete the common space. Some might argue that global competition for the sake of building renewable…[Read more]

  • ?UFO’s are you a believer ?

    The ancient astronaut theory has significantly less holes than the theory of natural adaptation through evolution without the influence of anything external from Earth. Using Occam’s Razor, I say yes to the extra terrestrials. So do the Sumerians.

  • ?The Tragedy of the Commons

    Historically, there is a point to be made by Garrett Hardin. In my opinion without too much self-perceived optimistic naivety, the commons can be shared effectively though, and it creates wealth and distributes wealth more effectively than individualistic systems.

  • Stephen Scray posted a reply to on ?Beyonce 5 years ago


    She does empower the ladies.

  • ?Climate Change

    The answer is regenerative agriculture and renewable energy. Climate change exists and is man-made. Predators keep other species in check, and predators never flourish in such abundance they upset the ecosystem from a non-human standpoint.

  • ?Hillary Clinton

    If she would stand up against Monsanto and admit that GMO crops are failing and a bad idea, and that factory farming is destroying the planet and creating antibiotic resistant disease instead of pretending that they are no big deal I’d be pro Hillary in an instant.

  • Stephen Scray posted a reply to on ?Obama 5 years ago

    ?Barack Obama

    In retrospect though, with all Obama has been up against, I’m absolutely proud of his presidency. I didn’t even vote him in on his second term. I was impatiently thinking change could actually happen quickly in this country and upset that it didn’t go so fast. Hahahahaha.

  • Stephen Scray posted a reply to on ?Kanye West 5 years ago

    ?Kanye West

    I gave him a 5 because I feel bad for him and I hope one day he realizes what a joke and a sham he is. He literally makes music about raping people though… so that’s a very gratuitous 5, he should be thankful.

  • Stephen Scray posted a reply to on ?Snowden 5 years ago


    Initially I’d say he committed espionage, rather than treason. Given his treason charge, however, I think he started intentionally committing treason afterwards. If he really wants to come home, he needs to unleash a large swarm of pro-America propaganda to his followers explaining why we needed to understand the system that exists, giving…[Read more]

  • Stephen Scray posted a reply to on ?Putin 5 years ago

    ?Vladimir Putin

    Of course he has a right to be involved in the Ukraine. The level of involvement, however, is up for debate. After all, doesn’t America have the right to be involved in Mexico and Canada’s issues, being next door neighbors?

  • Stephen Scray posted a reply to on ?MMR Vaccine 5 years ago

    ?MMR Vaccine

    Not for MMR in particular, but if you don’t want to get your child vaccinated, you should have to prove you have the sufficient knowledge to protect your child and other children if your child gets the illness that the vaccine is designed for. If you can prove your sufficient understanding to do so, then you should be able to be vaccine free. …[Read more]

  • Stephen Scray posted a reply to on ?MMR Vaccine 5 years ago

    ?MMR Vaccine

    Get mercury out and replace it with silver. That’s just logical.

  • ?US Drug Legalization

    Cannabis and psychedelics, I vote yes. MDMA and cocaine I’m on the fence. Meth, heroin, and other death drugs, I’m on the NO side.

  • ?Russell Brand

    Welcome to the Russel Brand inundation period.

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