• SleepyTimeGal posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 1 month ago


    I feel like, while I love the creative drive behind these reworks, often times they can be too much. It might be because I’ve been playing this game for a long time and I’m more reminiscent of older seasons – especially because I like playing jungle and right now jungle doesn’t feel that great to play (at least in my opinion) – so of course I’m more interested in ‘simpler’ champion reworks/designs. With something like the Morgana rework, it was a simple and effective whereas with the Irelia rework (while the design, the animations, effects and so on are so so amazing) I feel like it was trying to do too much. With champions like Nunu, Warwick and Taric I feel like Riot set the bar for reworks, those reworks for me are some of the best and I’m looking forward to see more reworks similar to them. However, at the same time – I miss old Taric; the goofy, triangle feet, click and point stun marvelous man he was. Another honourable mention would be Gangplank, that rework was in my opinion perfect. I don’t play Gangplank myself but a friend (who was always a bit unsure about wanting to play League) picked him up during the Bildgewater event and has so much fun playing him.

    What I fear for League is that older champions that need reworks will lose their personality/play style if Riot reworks them similar to how they make newer champions. I think it’s fair to say – while again, the designs and ideas are so great – a lot of the newer champions have overloaded kits. Less is often more, I feel like Riot needs to give players more champions such as Lee Sin. While he takes a lot of time to master, his kit is very basic. Passive helps him clear the jungle, his Q a very simple damage/dash, W for a bit of suitability plus adding the potential to make flashy plays/outplays, E a nice bit of damage but alongside the useful slow and to round it out an ultimate that has so much play making potential. While Lee Sin hasn’t been reworked, I’m using him as an example of how I think Riot should move forward with their champion design, whether that’s for new champions or reworks.