• ?FIFA 20 Goalkeepers

    I think they need to reanimate the goalkeepers, there’s too many animations where there’s a 2% chance of saving the ball. Simple shots go in because of the wrong animation choice or them just being dumb.

    I also think Penalties need to be sorted, there’s too many animations where it bounces off them and goes in because when they stick one hand…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 20 State of the Servers

    they’re the worst it’s been, every update is killing this game and it’s no longer fun. The AI involvement is also terrible, never seen so many things wrong with a FIFA especially when I thought we had an almost perfect FIFA in EA Access.

  • ?FIFA 20 Scoring mechanics

    I think when a GK parries the ball, it should go out or to a random bit of space but because of the coding and locking feature it always seems to go to a player and most of the time it’s there ST. It just feels a little forced at times.

  • ?FIFA 20 Scoring mechanics

    The first thing I’d fix is heading, it’s far too weak. I thought from the beta where heading was still pretty good I thought the game was nicely balanced, pace worked and so did heading so there was a number of ways to score. Now I feel like that’s taken away a big part of the game and has lead to more drop back because one of the counters is…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 20

    I think this year is a massive improvement on FIFA 19, to be honest it kind of reminds me of FIFA 17 which is my favorite FIFA. I’m liking the objectives especially the Ndombele objective which last year probably would’ve been a no from me because it would’ve been win rivals games with 11 French players.

    On the downside I think rebounds are far…[Read more]


    EA did the right things in the patch but there was other issues that got plastered because Timed Finesse shots were that bad. RNG, AI Defending, Tackles rebounding back, Passing being broken is now more prominent in the game because of this. But EA did do what people suggested because I forgot and people forget or not realized how much it’s…[Read more]

  • ?FUTMAS 2019… has xmas come early?

    I feel like Futmas is a hard one to judge whether it’s good or not because I feel like it depends on the person. I know it’s early days but for someone with a full icon team this Futmas promo is a bit pointless or even a meta team because there may be 1-3 cards throughout the promo that they will get. But for casual players and depending on what…[Read more]


    They are doing a decent job in terms of listening to the community, the latest patch is fixing constant pressure and AI defending. But my biggest issue is that in turn this will make stuff OP. With no AI blocks timed finesse shots will be more Overpowered because you can’t block them if they are green or even orange in certain cases. Player…[Read more]


    I don’t really suffer from connection too much, sometimes I do but I feel like it’s servers or no matter what I do it’s just going to happen. I play Wireless so yeah it doesn’t help but in reality not everyone can play wireless and also I don’t have issues on any games like COD, Fortnite etc. I just think servers need updating just make them good…[Read more]

  • ?Best Snipe / Trade on FIFA 19?!

    Probably an IF I bought for 10k and sold for 13k, don’t do a lot of sniping

  • ?FIFA 19

    The game is a lot better last year, the mechanics are better, the feel of the game is better, but to me it’s RNG, passes are a bit RNG, tackling is RNG it kinda ruins a skill gap that could be there and could make the game good. I wish pace got upgraded a tad bit but like how the fact players like Kroos, Lewan, Cavani, Immobile are really good and…[Read more]

  • ?The Price of Gaming

    I think the point of DLC has gone missing. It was meant to add to the game, stuff that couldn’t be added on a disc. Like an expansion, but now game companies leave stuff off or make the game less and sell that content that would’ve been in the game rather than in the game.

    I don’t think microtransactions aren’t bad if done right, for example on…[Read more]


    G1 – France vs Argentina – Winner = France
    G2 – Uruguay vs Portugal – Winner = Uruguay
    G3 – Brazil vs Mexico – Winner = Brazil
    G4 – Belgium vs Japan – Winner = Belgium
    G5 – Spain vs Russia – Winner = Russia
    G6 – Croatia vs Denmark – Winner = Croatia
    G7 – Sweden vs Switzerland – Winner = Sweden
    G8 – Colombia vs England – Winner = England

    Q1 – G1…[Read more]

  • ?Russia World Cup 2018 | YOUR PREDICITIONS

    These are my predictions

    Player of the Tournament – Neymar

    Young Play of the Tournament – Mbappe or Sterling

    Golden Boot – Ronaldo

  • ?Can we predict the world cup group stages???

    Group A Winner – Uruguay
    Group A Runner Up – Egypt
    Group B Winner – Spain
    Group B Runner Up – Portugal
    Group C Winner – France
    Group C Runner Up – Austrailia
    Group D Winner – Argentina
    Group D Runner Up – Iceland
    Group E Winner – Brazil
    Group E Runner Up – Serbia
    Group F Winner – Germany
    Group F Runner Up – Mexico
    Group G Winner – England
    Group…[Read more]

  • ?How To Improve FIFA

    The most important thing is content, there sadly hasn’t been enough this year in terms of game modes. It’s literally Fut Champs which isn’t good enough. SB for an offline mode is fantastic. But online there isn’t enough. I think Fut Champs needs a complete overhaul it should be open to everyone since we all paid the same money and change the way…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades

    I do agree with the upgrades they have done, players like De Bruyne, De Gea, Salah etc do deserve an upgrade, also glad there aren’t any downgrades because it makes cards unusable and pointless.

    The downside is Salah’s WF not being upgraded, he clearly deserves one and for Ederson to get one over him is madness.


    Personally I would go for:

    Manchester – Rio Ferdinand, I feel like he was a bit more of an icon since there’s 2 GK

    Milan – Maldini the one club hero

    Wildcard – Ronaldinho, personally I think R9 will be too much for the series but Ronaldinho would be cool.

    P.S Do you need to get there Prime or any version?


    GK – De Gea

    RB – Valencia

    CB – Ramos

    CB – Bonucci

    LB – Marcelo

    CM – Kante

    CM – De Bruyne

    CM – Modric

    LW – Ronaldo

    ST – Mbappe

    RW – Messi

  • ?Gaming Today

    I sadly think gaming is getting worse, sadly it’s turning into a cash cow rather than them making entertaining games. The amount of times games come out unfinished or stuff locked behind a paywall is a joke. I understand that companies need to make money but they should at least make a working and complete game. I like supply drops, I generally…[Read more]

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