• ?Brexit and You

    It is painfully obvious to many of us Brexiteers that Mrs May is being slowly ground down until she will inevitably end up between a rock and a hard place. The EU negotiators are getting what they want by stealth.

  • ?Brexit and You

    And if the slender majority had been the other way? Then the current Remainers would staunchly quote ‘democracy’ as a reason for not allowing the Brexiteers a second vote!

  • ?Brexit and You

    The remainers simply want to vote again – and probably again and again – until they get the result they want. That’s not democracy. I voted out because I believe in democracy and the EU is not democratic…even the remainers will mostly agree with that.

  • ?Gambling Review and FOBTS

    There shouldn’t be an apostrophe between FOBT and ‘s’.

    Equating slot machines on FOBTs with Category C machines in nearby pubs is fair. A £30 bet on all other FOBT games is still far, far too much.

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