• ?WhatRankAreYouAndWhy

    I am as of now Plat 4. A new rank for me as I have never been plat 4 before. It feels not much different from what I was used to since last season which was bouncing off of gold 2 and gold 1. I kind of kept a consistent champ pool which did help me improve my mmr. I think the main reason for that is because I managed to find a few champions that…[Read more]

  • ?Season9RankedGoals

    My main goal for season 9 is to hit diamond, I’m currently gold 1. I used to have fun with trying to climb, playing champions that I felt like playing, and have paid the price. As Huzzy has demonstrated in the couple of OP.GG reviews I’m in, I need to play less champions. If you go through my season 8 champions, there are a bunch of champions that…[Read more]

  • ?What rating did you end Season 8

    I started the season at Silver 2 I believe. The whole first half of the season was a mess and I was altering between Silver 3 and 1. Towards the months of October and November, I began a surge in the ranks (of low elo). I believe I have improved a lot this season as I ended the season at Gold 2 95 LP and felt fully confident if I had a day or two…[Read more]

  • ?What rating are you in League

    I think I can climb higher. I just am not sure when to play ranked over normals. Sometimes when I go into a ranked game and lose, I regret going into that game and play normals the rest of the day.

  • ?What Rank are you and Why (In League)

    I am currently Silver IV, that might sound daunting to some, for me its horrible. I personally do not feel like I belong in this elo. All the stereotypes aside. I have a lot of friends that I play with that are Gold and Plat, and I feel more comfortable playing there than in Silver. I am hard-stuck of 3 seasons now and its frustrating. I do play…[Read more]

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