• ?What rating did you end Season 8

    After 3 seasons in silver, and hitting Gold in Season 7. I finished in Gold on all 3 of my accounts on EUW.

    I am playing more each season and am actively looking to be more than a Malz one trick. I think I can reach Plat this coming season. That is my goal.

    I am content with where I ended up last season and what I achieved.

  • ?SellMeALeagueChampion

    I am going to sell you a champion. But tell you the champion at the end.

    This champion can be played in any role. Two of which would be their best role.
    They have good scaling, and even true damage on one of their spells. It is hard to poke them out of lane because they have great sustain and get free stats at level 6.
    They even have great…[Read more]

  • ?Gaming and You

    Gaming is fun, you only need to be mentally fit to be able to win. It can make you smarter, you can learn skills and you can get unique experiences not seen anywhere else. Some of my most fond memories have been playing overcooked with my slightly older sister, W0W with strangers and friends as well as playing Soul Calibur 2 with…[Read more]

  • ?What video games do you play?

    I think you might like Xenoblade Chronicles 2

  • ?What video games do you play?

    Are there people who still play CNC:generals? I was under the impression EA had shut down the gamespy servers or whatever they used to run on

  • ?What video games do you play?

    Games I am playing at the moment are League of Legends, puyo/tetris and Xenoblade Chronicles 2on the switch and other random switch games. Also just found Marvel puzzle quest on mobile, highly recommend it.
    Games I enjoy in general are RPGs, Puzzle games and side scrolling or top scrolling shooters.

  • ?Is Top Lane bad

    Do you think riot should change teleport channeling time back to what it used to be?

  • ?Is Top Lane bad

    In my opinion, top lane is the lane easiest to punish mistakes. Managing the wave, powerspikes, vision (or lack of) all play a part. Sometime last season I had the worst time of my life playing Nasus into a Gnar who built frozen mallet first item. Once he built it it was impossible to fight him, farm minions or attack his tower without getting…[Read more]

  • ?What rating are you in League

    Placements are weird sometimes. I went 2 and 8 on one account this season and 8 and 2 on another. Guess which account was placed higher ^^. That’s right, the account which lost 8 placements was 2 brackets higher than the one that won 8 games.

  • ?What rating are you in League

    I am Gold V-IV at the moment. I would say my toaster laptop, decision making, stubborness and dislike of playing most meta picks keeps me from winning more games

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