• ?Brexit

    The way things are turning out right now…is shameful…2 years ago we should of got out straight away…2 wasted years for What…NOTHING…Lets leave and then see what happens…All this scaremongering is totally out of order..

  • ?Too Young to Vote on Brexit?

    We should of got out once the vote was first made, with our heads held high.
    Then decided with which countries we wanted to deal with…The people have vote and that’s it.. Mrs May should of had the guts to stand up and pull the plug. Out means out…not half in half out…it’s a total disgrace..

  • Suzuki Hayabusa…… Year 2005 Model
    Is this the best production bike out there?
    I have owned lots of bikes in my life, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, KTM and different Suzuki’s…
    Since buying the Hayabusa, my riding experience had changed…
    I now can’t wait to ride and when I get off, I have a smile from ear to ear…
    Yes it’s a big bike, …[Read more]

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