• ?FIFA 20 Defending Mechanics

    This year defending isn’t skill based in my opinion. You just have to wait and wait until your opponent makes a mistake and then you can capitalize. This is not how it works in real life and therefore makes the game unrealistic. Besides it makes FIFA boring for the people who are more used to having an aggressive playstyle. If you tackle a ball in…

  • ?FIFA 20 Pace of the Game

    We see the tactic of dropback too often, which makes playing FIFA 20 and watching it as an esport not enjoyable. This should change to a fatster paced game which will also result into it being more of a fast decision making game and further increases the skill based part of FIFA.

  • ?FIFA 20 Goalkeepers

    In general, my opinion about the goalkeepers is positive. They are way less hit or miss compared to previous FIFAs and the start of this FIFA. This is a relieve in a game that already involves a decent amount of RNG, as it makes it more skill based.

    However, I feel like there is a change possible which will have 3 significant advantages compared…

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