• stinod2 posted a comment on ?FIFA 20 Defending Mechanics 2 years, 5 months ago

    ?FIFA 20 Defending Mechanics

    This year defending isn’t skill based in my opinion. You just have to wait and wait until your opponent makes a mistake and then you can capitalize. This is not how it works in real life and therefore makes the game unrealistic. Besides it makes FIFA boring for the people who are more used to having an aggressive playstyle. If you tackle a ball in this FIFA, chances are high the ball will bounce back to the opponent and this will too often result in a goal. Of course it needs to be a factor of knowing when to tackle, but it shouldn’t be the case that you can’t tackle at all without it being too risky. The way the defending works in this game is also seen in the esports scene, where games are just people passing it around for ages until they find a space. That makes it unejoyable to watch and EA should change this if they are trying to have a future for the game.