• ?Nike

    I think there is good business sense here. Trying to be a product for everyone sometimes means you please no-one. Nike will have looked at their core target markets, assessed who they want to appeal to most and designed their campaign with them in mind. I guess you could compare it to populist politics – politicians like Trump in the US and Farage…[Read more]

  • Storm Petrel posted a comment on ?Nike 2 years ago


    Great campaign from Nike – a brand has to stand (or in this case kneel) for something, and this says Nike stands for equality.

  • ?Clearing Questions

    Great – thanks for your help!

  • ?Clearing Questions

    Thanks! OK – I’m might come to the Open Day – do I need to register for it or can I just turn up?

  • ?Clearing Questions

    Hi there – if I apply during clearing can I get accommodation?

  • ?Brexit and You

    Very close to call…but to me it stands to reason that if Parliament rejects the Bill, they should be involved in deciding what happens next…

  • ?Belize – The Most Popular Destinations in Central America

    Would never have thought of going to Belize. I’m currently planning a trip to Costa Rica because they are so strong on conservation – but would perhaps look at Belize for future visits if I knew more about it.

  • ?Brexit & International Students

    Yes – international student numbers should be removed from immigration statistics, international students are short term visitors, and they bring enormous benefits to our economy and society. The Government should have excluded them from the figures many years ago…

  • ?Gaming and You

    I’m not a gamer, but I see gaming as part of a recalibration of society towards valuing a different kind of social interaction, and different of ways of being. As a gamer, you can be equally valued and part of something as an introvert or an extrovert, this is not always the case in wider society…

  • ?Brexit & International Students

    I’m concerned that the UK will become a less attractive place to study (for EU students in particular) after Brexit and that this will not only have a negative impact on our economy, but also on the diversity and culture students will experience when at University…the result, a more inward-looking nation.

  • ?Brexit and You

    Personally, I was hugely disappointed with the referendum result as it felt like a backwards step towards the kind of isolationism that leads to conflict. I also felt as though people had been lied to during the campaign. So, we now need to find the best way through this that we can. Economics is a balancing act and the Brexit deal and other trade…[Read more]

  • ?People’s Vote

    We absolutely need a sensible, rational appraisal of the deal on the table when this is finalised before making a final decision as a country. We’ve elected MPs to act on our behalf, however, so I think they should have the final vote on this rather than going out to the country again.

  • ?UK influence in the world post-Brexit

    This one will depend on the strength and integrity of our leadership – political, cultural, economic and social…

  • ?Hard Brexit

    For me, the bottom line is, you can’t have your cake and eat it – there will be pros and cons of both approaches, but in a world where expert analysis and insight had been devalued by the rise of ‘fake news’ there’s even more uncertainty about what hard and soft Brexit options really mean. Of course, no economist will be able to make a totally…[Read more]

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