• ?Prime ICON Moments… money grab or fresh content?!

    I like how ea are trying to keep hype in Fifa but these are stupid. They take the hype out of prime icons then upgrades then ones to watch (witch is also dreadful). To make thing worse it’s a promo for pay to wins. The probability is very near to non. If you buy one they are out of the roof prices. It’s rediculous

    Plus there has been a massive…[Read more]


    I like the new patch because the amount of times I conceded a 35 yard orange timed fineness on a 2* weak foot. It’s insane and my players can’t do it on their sting foot green first time 15 yards out and it missed. I like the patch but I don’t like how bad player switching is and that kick off goal is still a thing

  • ?FUTMAS 2019… has xmas come early?

    I have done two of the sbc and I feel like futmas was terrible l. The pricing was terrible. An 83 rated CB was iver 100k And with 100k you could buy inform Koulibaly and inform pique. There are so much better.

    Plus an 85 GK from a usable league as young needed an 78 rated team.

    They didn’t really put anything up on social media or on…[Read more]

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