• ?Which Total War: Warhammer 1 or 2 Legendary Lord would you be and why

    Hey Lionheart !
    I’d be Settra the Imperishable. Do you know why ???

    He is Imperishable!!

    It looks cool to me to see a mummy return to life after death and see the world in turmoil. You have archaon bringing the end times and with him you have millions of chaos followers in the doomtide.

    As Settra, one would find his homeland and the whole…[Read more]

  • ?Total War Community Academy

    Just A general guide about thrones of Brittania(ToB)

    I wont cover a specific faction because my experience with this game is limited…(10 hours approx.) but I’d appreciate it if you all have a read at this
    So thi swill be a generalized guide which will be useful before you start the game as there as some new features in thistitle which are…[Read more]

  • ?Total War Community Academy

    Hi, I’ll be covering the factions I missed in my previous comment. They will the dwarves ,brettonia,high elves,norsca and wood elves

    I hope you will find this useful in your mOtal Empires as well. Let me know if you find this useful and if you have any suggesstions for me aswell.

    Let’s start with dwarves. Among all other factions, I’ve spent…[Read more]

  • ?Total War Community Academy

    This one deals with Total War :Attila …Sorry I mixed all 3 games in 1 message……..


    Horde Mechanics
    For Barbarian and Nomadic factions, new horde mechanics have been implemented to represent the great migrations of the age. A horde is effectively an army which can choose to form an encampment…[Read more]

  • ?Total War Community Academy

    This one’s about warhammer 2.I’ve covered 2 factions in this part


    Hope you all find it useful

    Lets foucus the talk on warhammer 2 now,

    The faction I like are skavenand Dark Eleves…I mean.Malekeith is so badass..These 2 factions are the ones I’ve played quite a lot and would love to see a darkeleves let’s play on your channel.

    Talking…[Read more]

  • ?Total War Community Academy

    Hi ! I’ve broken the bigger message into smaller and more specific tips for specific games.

    For Warhammer.

    //// For Earlygame –


    When starting out your main focus should be to conquer Reikland as a whole in five turns. Yes this means you ignore the first quest you get and go straight for the other provinces so you have them by…[Read more]

  • ?Total War Community Academy

    Hey ! So good to hear it from you…My bad, I’ll break it up in sections and also remember it next time I write lol. Forgot everything and the world once I started typing XD.

  • ?Total War Community Academy

    Took me 2 whole hours lol

  • ?Total War Community Academy

    Hey @lionheartx10…this message’s gonna be a long one lol. I’ll be covering a few games and a number of factions. Hope you have enough time to go through all of this lol.

    First let’s talk about Warhammer. Playing as empire , I have found some stuffs that are quite useful early on and and gradually change my strategy as I progress more in the…[Read more]

  • ?What Features Do You Want To See In Future Total Wars?

    Hola! Looks like I am the first! 😉
    As we all know that Total war is a strategy based game with an excellent AI, I personally would like AI to be more challenging… Once you conquer swathes of lands in the campaign map, it seems like AI has lost hope of making a comeback as we can see in many of the gameplays and by our own personal experience……[Read more]

  • ?Gaming Today

    Yeah games have a lot of advantages. In 21st century, even school going kids are tensed. Devoting an hour to games helps one lighten their mind. I am a great fan of total war, assassin’s creed and such ganes which require you to plan for the future encouraging far sightedness and live an adventurous and realistic life by keeping a watchful eye…[Read more]

  • ?Gaming Today

    I forgot to add the conclusion lol-Gaming will never harm someone if you keep it controlled or know your priorities in life. Gaming today, yesterday and perhaps tomorrow has its benefits and drawbacks. It depends upon the gamer which path he chooses to act upon

  • ?Gaming Today

    Studies consistently demonstrate that intelligence is among the most desirable qualities a person has. Whether you’re trying to survive an intensive college schedule, appreciate the finer points of Machiavellianism, or impress your friends with an accomplished understanding of string theory, there are plenty of ways to boost your actual (and…[Read more]

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